Refer Your Friends
Get A Cash Bonus Of Up To $500!

If you refer a friend, you'll get $50 if your referral attends an appointment with us, even if they don't buy. PLUS, if your referral becomes a client, we'll up the reward to $500 (not just $50).

A good referral for us is an owner/CEO of a small business in the Marion/Cedar Rapids Area with 5 or more employees that need help with their IT.

See How Easy It Is 

Step 1:

Invite Your Friends 

Invite your friends to have a free appointment with us to discuss their unique situation and how we can help them. All free!

Step 2:

Get $50 For Each Referral 

You will get $50 for each qualified referral (minimum of 5 employees) you send our way that meets with us.

Step 3:

Increase Your Reward To $500!

If your friend becomes a client, we'll up the reward to $500! Your friend will also receive a $500 credit on their first month of service!

Step 1: Enter Your Information Below So We Can Pay You For The Referral 

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